Mission Statement


In ensuring the critical success of our clients, we are committed to offer timely and responsive support throughout the operational life of all our products.
Puma Aero Marine (PAM) offers expert counseling on operational needs and requirements to help identify the best system mix in fulfilling the preferred operational concepts of our clients. PAM is the first to recognize every clients requirement are different and tailor our design to the clients requirements
Front End Feasibility Studies
Puma Aero Marine applies applicable high standards to derive highly accurate predictions on the reliability and maintainability for our client’s chosen platform and system mix. Life Cycle Cost Analysis will also be performed to ensure consistent relevance
System Integration & Testing
Our technical support services will ensure a hassle-free operation of the vehicles and their systems
Maintenance Planning
Puma Aero Marine develops all anticipatable maintenance requirements for our products, its reparability and updating capabilities. PAM can also train personnel who will do the required maintenance tasks and establish maintenance levels for achieving, restoring, and maintaining operational capability of the vehicles and its systems supply
Support Analysis
Puma Aero Marine will provide our clients with a detailed and comprehensive listing of all anticipatable spares, repair parts, consumables and raw material needs, to support the product throughout its intended life cycle
Training & Training Support
Systematic training will be developed for clients, ensuring that operators and base personnel will be properly equipped with the technical know-how in the maintenance and modification of the system throughout its life
Maintenance & Repair Services
To enhance operational reliability and ensure prolonged lifespan of all our products, PAM offer our clients overhaul and repair services. Excellent services to all our clients at affordable costs
Logistics Support
PAM ensures that its clients are fully trained to conduct various levels of maintenance by themselves, we also strive in tandem to provide valuable interim product logistics support in the initial phases to ensure a smooth transition