Puma Aero Marine (PAM) has accumulated nearly half a century of experience in Developing, Engineering, Testing, Evaluation and Providing advanced aerospace and marine vehicles
PAM provides unique solutions for a broad spectrum of needs for the Aerospace and the Marine industry. Our experience includes:
The autonomous QH-50 Co-axial ASW VTOL-UAV Drone Helicopters
Ryan supersonic jet drones
Lockheed's MODEL 286/XH-51A Rigid Rotor Helicopter
Presently we are providing engineering and equipping of rotary and fixed wing aircraft and high speed patrol vessels to the police for Tactical Operations, SAR and Patrol missions

In the 1970's, PAM added design and engineering of large fiberglass motor yachts and aluminum water jet catamaran multi-mission fast Patrol Vessels. These larger aluminum catamarans (18 meters) obtained speeds of 55 knots and up to 45 knots in high sea states.

Provided Consulting Engineering in transferring technology from Boeing to Kawasaki Heavy Industries for the construction of 250 passenger steel hydro-foil ferries powered by Allison 501 turbines, under a licensing agreement.